Our Process

Our Dedication to Information-Based Recruiting

Hawthorne Executive Search has developed and refined a process for successfully completing search projects. We tailor this process to your unique needs, while maintaining the principles of efficiency and timeliness that have become our hallmark.

1 step

Establish the Profile

We begin by developing a clear understanding of your corporate culture, your ideal candidate, your interview process, and our role in ensuring that our team achieves your objectives. 

Take the time upfront to fully understand your business and all aspects of the position to save you valuable time. We will spend time with you to:

2 step

Conduct the Search

We use our network of industry professionals, including our
proprietary database and memberships in industry-specific
associations and publications to identify appropriate candidates. We realize filling difficult SaaS, Data & Software
roles entails targeting competing companies that employ the exact individuals you are looking for and make every effort to reach those candidates.

How we engage and get candidates to respond to us once we find them.

Highly sought after candidates are frequently contacted by recruiters. So much so that many have removed their public profiles from the Internet. Because of our time in each of our sectors, we are a known and well-respected voice candidates trust.

In addition we can:

3 step

Coordinate Interviews

Once qualified candidates are identified, we schedule
interviews and debrief candidates.

4 step

Ensure Success

Once all final candidates have been interviewed and the top candidate has been identified, we assist in negotiating the final compensation package that meets your satisfaction.

All this time and effort at the very beginning of the process allows us to serve you better by being able to have a completely different level of conversation with candidates, as well as the ability to better assess their skills and experience for you. With detailed information available, candidates respond better to our initial dialogue and become much more engaged and interested in having a conversation with you.