What We Do

Hawthorne Search

Typical Recruiting Firm

Maintains a database of over 250,000 industry professionals from across North America. We maintain lists from trade shows and conferences, build and maintain an aggressive referral pool and utilize micro-sites and social media tools to develop a broad base of industry professionals. Gets a search and has to build a network of candidates.
Develops a program for each client, creating a pricing structure that saves our clients anywhere from 25-45% from what other firms charge. We often use low “flat” fees for our clients Operates off of a rate card, typically charges 25-30% of base salary
We maintain an 80% success rate on contingency searches in which we partner with our clients. If we take on a search, we use every tool at our disposal and will work until the search is completed Takes a search on, tries to find low hanging fruit and quits the search if they can’t find someone on their first pass
Our average professional has over fifteen years of professional experience and has completed over 100 search assignments. Composed of individuals with limited professional experience
Listens, listens, listens. You are the boss and we are here to help you grow your business. We ask questions and look to you to steer us in the direction that best serves you and your organization. Talks, talks, talks
Contact us at info@hawthornesearch.com or (910) 798-1800 x101 for more information