How NOT to Attract Digital Talent

by Robert Hawthorne

Great article in Fast Company,, explaining many of the mistakes companies make causing them to repel digital leaders.

While the overall employment market languishes, there continues to be a hiring spree in many companies for top developers, designers, marketers and sales professionals who have succeeded in the digital space. Not all of these people want to work at facebook or google, and there is a chance your company could add best in class talent if you follow some of the guidelines in the article.

At Hawthorne Search, the three following criteria are most often cited by our candidates when considering an opportunity:
1) does this position help my long term marketability? If the job doesn’t build the resume it is a very tough sell regardless of compensation.
2) Is there work/life balance at the company. People want the flexibility to work from home, take an afternoon off when desired, etc. If you keep your staff at their desks under lock and key, you will fail to attract they type of individual you are looking for.
3) Front end compensation. Equity, shares, deferred compensation. These things were hot a decade or less ago, but now everyone wants their money up front, as the sense that the future is murky at best causes many people to take less on the back end if the front end is more robust.