Our Process:

1. Take the time upfront to fully understand your business and all aspects of the position to save you valuable time. We will spend time with you to …

  • Understand why your position is open (retirement, promotion, dismissal, etc.)
  • What types of candidate skills, characteristics, etc. have worked best in the past or that you are seeking in new candidates
  • Understand your organizational culture and interdepartmental relationships
  • Discern what you want the person to accomplish in the first 3, 6, and 12 months on the job, so we can recruit candidates with previous performance in those areas.
  • Understand why people like working at your organization and why a “top performer” would want to work there. Top performers have choices. Their motives and reasons for changing jobs are usually different from the average employee. How you engage and treat them must be different too. What are the benefits of working at your organization? What would they get to do? How will this position help them grow professionally? Describe the resources available to help accelerate their career.
  • Obtain collaboration and agreement upfront from your interview team. Once we have the job’s concrete goals and expectations in hand, we will run them past everyone who has a say in the hiring process. The interview team must have upfront agreement on these objectives.
    This will save you valuable time, frustration, and sometimes embarrassment by making sure everyone is on the same page.

All this time and effort at the very beginning of the process allows us to serve you better by being able to have a completely different level of conversation with candidates, as well as the ability to better assess their skills and experience for you. With detailed information available, candidates respond better to our initial conversations and become much more engaged and interested in wanting to talk to you.

2. Develop a detailed job description, if you need us to, an assessment of the workplace demographics and an outline of your management style.

How we engage and get candidates to respond to us once we find them.

Highly sought after candidates are frequently contacted by recruiters. So much so that many have removed their public profiles from the Internet. Because of our time in each of our sectors, we are a known and well respected voice candidates trust.

In Addition we can:

  • Conduct the candidate search assignment in accordance with your timeline.
  • Develop and present for your review a candidate questionnaire tailored to the search assignment.
  • While recruiting, develop a picture of the current compensation for the target position within the industry.

What Hawthorne Search provides during the candidate interview process:

  • Scheduling your candidate interviews and participating in the interview process, when appropriate for you
  • Providing you candidate feedback upon completion of the interview process
  • Conducting and presenting a written summary of reference checks on your final candidate
  • Provide “high touch” and follow up communications with your preferred candidates many times to ensure they remain engaged during the interview and offer process.
  • Maintain heavy contact with your selected candidate until they actually start their new job with your company and follow up with them during the first six months of employment to ensure a good transition.


Once all final candidates have been interviewed and the top candidate has been identified, we assist in negotiating the final compensation package that meets your satisfaction.

Our Scope:

Hawthorne is a leading boutique executive search firm.

  • Thought leaders across…

    Digital Transformation, Retail/E-commerce, Fashion Manufacturing, Big Data & Analytics, Internet of Things, Media, Publishing, Finance, Technology, Software/SaaS, Fintech, Consumer Markets

  • Functional areas specialized in…

    Marketing, Strategy, Operations, Merchandising, Finance, Sales, Supply Chain & Operations, Legal, Risk & Compliance, Customer Service,Cyber Intelligence, Data Management, Software Development.