Finding a Rock Star!

By Michael Walter, VP Digital

Well, it’s the beginning of the new year, and with most of the companies we work with it’s also time to revisit their staffing plans to see what critical hiring needs to be ramped up. You can read it all over the web and the general media, that the #1 challenge facing most smaller or mid-sized companies, especially in startup or growth mode, is staffing. Hiring the right talent is the most important success factor in defining a company’s success and why we as recruiters exist. In this super tight hiring market, we currently exist in, it’s almost impossible to just throw a couple of ad’s up on the popular job boards and hope for the best. The result will be an inundation of resumes from people that don’t fit the needs of your roles and as importantly a waste of you or your teams time as you sort through the onslaught of emails. So how do we at Hawthorne Search (HES) dig in and help? There’s no magic per se’. It’s hard, targeted work. I’ll highlight a quick overview where we differentiate and elevates ourselves from most any other firm out there.

First and foremost, we preach quality over quantity. Many recruiters feel they can just throw a heap of unqualified candidates on top of one or two decent ones and call it a day or even worse send a bunch of unqualified candidates that clog up your inbox and waste your time. At HES we won’t do that. On average we feel 5 – 7 highly qualified candidates will meet the needs of the hiring company. By highly qualified we mean they meet a minimum of 80% of the requirements of the job spec. So, we won’t be submitting a social media manager for your search engine marketing manager. Instead we will be sending a search engine marketing manager with the requisite years of experience working across the search engines you need coming out of a company with a similar profile and size.

The million-dollar question next would be, how do we find those people? I eluded to it earlier, hard, targeted search of the people you are trying to identify. To quote Tommy Lee Jones from the movie The Fugitive, with Harrison Ford, “is a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse”. We won’t be poking around in those locales of course, but we start with an extensive intake conversation with out clients to develop the “best fit” profile of who they are looking for based off the job description but moving past that to focus on what size and types of companies they would come out of right down to targeting the exact companies they would like to see candidates out of. Then we go hunting. We used the extensive tools and databases we have available, that go beyond the typical recruiting firm to target those exact candidates. A lot of sleuthing is involved but the people we are talking too aren’t typically looking for new jobs. What we will ultimately present our candidates in terms of candidates, is a highly qualified slate of strong candidates that we typically feel any of which could be the hire. There’s no slothing (I made that word up) through bad candidates to get to the good ones which means our hire rate is very, very good.

I know we didn’t get too organic here for not to uncover too many trade secrets, but hopefully gave  some decent insights to how we are successful and have been able to consistently deliver to our clients for over 13 years now. Happy hunting!

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